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Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5, HIL G57
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Together we think, design, build (up) and run a TV station.
We consider TV as our container in addressing disciplinary questions beyond an object-related discourse in architecture.

Legislating Architecture
The Property Drama


Mon, 16.09.2019 Common Presentation of Studio Topics, HIL E4, 9:00
Tue, 17.09.2019 Studio Introduction, HIL G57, 10:00
Tue, 17.09.2019 Input and Discussion with Ludwig Engel, HIL G57, 14:00
Wed, 18.09.2019 Access + Tools, HIL G57, 10:00–17:00


Architecture as Argument (EP)
Prof. Arno Brandlhuber, Christopher Roth, Christian Posthofen
Assistants: Severin Baerenbold, Ariana Berndl, Manuel Buerger, Marta Fernandez, Dominique Frey, Olaf Grawert, Iris Hilton, Roberta Jurcic
every Wednesday, 9:00, HIL G.57 / HIL G.61
For further information please contact Olaf Grawert

Theorie + Praxis (SE)
Christian Posthofen
Monday, tba, 13:00-19:00, HIL G57
For further information please contact Christian Posthofen

Access + Tools (SE)
Severin Baerenbold & Dominique Frey
Tuesday, tba, 9:00-15:00, HIL G57
For further information please contact Severin Baerenbold

Seminar Week (SE)
Olaf Grawert
21.10.–26.10., London (UK)
For further information please contact Olaf Grawert

Master Thesis
We are looking forward to receiving applications for free master thesis.
For organizational reasons, and to ensure support to mutual satisfaction, applications are contingent on a personal meeting.
For further information please contact Olaf Grawert

Our current diploma students are: Francesco Battaini, Lea Maeder, Joana Tschopp


Prof. Arno Brandlhuber

Severin Baerenbold
Ariana Berndl
Manuel Buerger
Marta Fernandez
Dominique Frey
Olaf Grawert
Iris Hilton
Roberta Jurcic
Christian Posthofen
Christopher Roth

Clara Richard
Meghan Rolvien
Julian Waeckerlin


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